The Advanced Course: Becoming the Creator of Your Life!


A 10-week journey through the blocks that keep you from realizing your full, unfiltered creative potential in every moment. 


Learn How to Create With Love! 


As you know from The Big Shift, awareness is key. The Advanced Course will refine what it means to be aware, aiming to dive deeper into the state of presence through which you begin to identify as the observer. It's in this space that you start to find an experience of peace, freedom, and... choice!


We often think that choice means our ability to force ourselves to do the thing that we should do... and we might work tirelessly to develop this capacity! But you've learned in The Big Shift that this isn't a sustainable solution. Real choice can only happen in the space of total freedom, one where you already understand yourself to be unconditionally worthy and loving.


The ultimate creative force, love will be a focal point of The Advanced Course. Indeed, it's in an experience of love that we find total alignment when we're are creating - and in this course we'll develop the space for that experience of unconditional love to show up and shine through you, so that you can create that which you're most called to bring into being!


Originally $750 for the live participants, The Advanced Course is now available as a self-paced (on your own!) course at three self-selected prices.

High Income/Corporate: $265
Average Income*: $125
Low Income: $55

*For average income I'm using the living wage of $34,000/year or ~$16.50/hr. If you make about this, select this tier, if you make somewhat more, select the high income, if you make less, low income. 🙏


Weekly content modules breaking down every essential conceptual element of mastering full creative freedom.

Weekly guided video exercises to install those conceptual elements in your lived experience.

Six opportunities in the course to email me directly - I'll reply! 👍