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The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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The Big Shift course takes you through a four week process of self-understanding that has your blocks and resistance fall away. It leaves you feeling clear and motivated to take the actions that will create what you REALLY want.  

Here's how it works:

  • First, we create a daily check-in habit that simply and elegantly focuses your attention on your emotions and existing motivations. 
  • Second, we discover new levels of clarity around your existing patterns by developing your capacity to look directly at the moment-to-moment experience of your actions. 
  • Third, we tie all of the collected experiential data you gather to a conceptual understanding of what I call The Big Shift. The Big Shift is the transition from looking outside yourself for motivation, meaning, and worth to looking within. 
Once you make this shift you're no longer focusing your energy on what others think of you, and you become free to do what you really want to do.

I'm so excited about this course, it really is the most concise and effective approach to creating a transformational shift in motivation that I've come across. I know it will have a huge impact in your life. 

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out: Eric@EricLanigan.com. Learn more about me at EricLanigan.com.
“We are all living in cages with the door wide open.” -George Lucas
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Course Components:

  1. Course Content- All of the course content is available both in text form and unabridged audio form. You can pretty much take the course while you commute!
  2. Recorded Group Calls- There are 6 hour-long calls for the course, one as an introduction and to go over the Introduction content, one for each of the 4 weeks of the course, and one closing call. These calls were recorded live and are now available to watch as needed. 
  3. Daily Check-Ins- The experiential meat of the course is the daily check-in. It's a short (10 minute) daily focusing process that saves most people at least an hour a day, and in addition builds experiential understanding that the course references and highlights for exponential growth. Each check-in is guided by me in a unique 10 minute video. The daily check-ins start after you've completed the Week 1 material.
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Take The Course FREE:

Our current mission is to create a worldwide movement of self-connection based motivation. As such, we've decided to start giving the course away. With over 1000 people from more than 25 countries having taken the course, we're closing in on our goal of 1500 lives changed through 2019.


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What people are saying about The Big Shift:

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    “Before I started this course, I didn't really pay attention to how I felt. I kept trying to force myself to do everything that I thought I "should" do. This left me feeling disappointed, beating myself up and less productive. From The Big Shift, I learned to focus on what I truly wanted to do with each day and worked within that. I learned to trust myself to feel into what I wanted and let that guide my actions.

    I enjoyed The Big Shift because it focuses so much on experience over concepts. I'm a recovering personal development junkie, and I've always searched for new concepts to help me be better, happier, and more productive. But this never worked. With the Big Shift, I actually tried new things and paid attention to how I felt. With this, I learned from experiencing the change rather than just trying to work through theory in my mind. These experiences have proved invaluable. The Big Shift is truly unique compared to any course I've taken.”

    Freelance Copywriter

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    “For the past couple of years I have been creating a plan to change my career path and have been struggling with a general fear of failure and lack of direction.
    I have read a couple of books hoping to find motivation and build my confidence, but didn't find any long-lasting support for real change.

    When I read the description for The Big Shift, it seemed like the program would provide the specific guidance that I needed. I was pleased to find it to be relevant, specific, and containing the support for long term behavior changes.

    The part of this program that I personally found to be the most useful the call to action that's included. Eric's plan leads to the specific actions and changes that I needed to move forward with my plans.

    I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to effect change but is stuck and not moving in the direction they would like.”

    Learning Coach/Founder - OIC Learning

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    “"I was drawn to The Big Shift because I felt that my life was stuck on autopilot, I was just cruising through each day without making any forward progress on my PhD or in my personal life. I needed a big shift, in my thinking and acting. TBS taught me to feel into my emotions, instead of seeking on-hand distraction such as Twitter or Reddit. I used to be afraid of being alone with my thoughts, but through TBS I learned to be bold and face up to my emotions, compassionately. I began to let go of the things that perpetuated the problem, the endless distractions. I learned that I cannot think my way into acting better, but I can act my way into thinking better."”

    PhD Student

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    “Before The Big Shift I was knocking down all these things on my to do list, but I was forgetting what really mattered and what I really wanted. I was doing things, but I wasn’t focused, and as a consequence the actions weren't nearly as fulfilling as they could be. From taking the course I realized that taking actions on my checklist didn't mean anything; they were just check marks that gave me a five second boost of happiness that quickly faded away.

    The key thing I was forgetting was how I was feeling. I wasn’t asking myself, “does this feel good, would I feel better if I did this?” I was just on auto-pilot going on with life’s daily nuances.

    What changed, was it just that your actions felt more meaningful, or did you start taking action more consistently after the course?

    When I get down to my real thoughts and what I truly want, it’s not so much a check list anymore – it’s a path to the life I want to live. Once that became clear the actions to realize that future became almost automatic.”

    Founder - Inflo HR

Our Mission

Unfortunately, right now as a culture, we feel less connected and lonelier than ever before. This isn't sustainable. 

So as I envisioned the course and the supporting community, one question stayed with me, 

What if everyone was intrinsically motivated?
What would the world look like if people stopped chasing external solutions to feeling like they aren’t enough? 
How quickly would the world around us change if people stopped running from their emotions? 

Of course, not everyone will take this course, but you might. 

What if you did what you really wanted to do? I don’t mean impulsive reactions to your moment-to-moment emotions, but taking action from your deeper desires: the drives that only come into focus when you’re feeling great and connected to what’s meaningful in your life. What if you were able to find that connection all the time?
The answers I get when I entertain the earlier questions inspire me. Likewise, imagining what you might do if you clarified and acted on your deeper desires may inspire you. That feeling of inspiration is sincere, it's the true light at the end of the tunnel. But it's not an "end" to get to in the sense of achieving some external thing. It's a way of continually acting in alignment with what feels good and right in the real circumstances of your life. 

Self-worth isn't something you get to, it's an ongoing process of knowing what you want to do in your circumstances and doing it. The result of this is living a life that just feels right- right to the point that you naturally stop comparing your life with others'.

I created The Big Shift to help everyone cultivate this self-connection, because I know that when people have this connection they start acting to create, serve, and connect with others. Why? Because when you feel great, you want to share that great feeling. That's just how life is. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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Who is this course for?

This is for anyone who's looking to develop stronger and more sustainable intrinsic motivation. It is just as effective for those with "zero motivation" as it is for those who are just looking to fine tune it and tap into a greater sense of clarity and authenticity.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you sign up! When you purchase the course you will receive a welcome email with a few to-do quick to-do items. Then you'll be all set to get into the Introduction and Week 1 material (~30 min each) which you'll be expected to complete by the end of the upcoming weekend. Then, on the following Monday, you'll start with the daily check-ins!

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Seriously level up your motivation.

Hi, I’m Eric! I spent the last 10 years studying approaches to personal growth. In doing so I came across a funny problem: most people who take courses or attend seminars revert to old patterns within 1-2 months. There's motivation out of the gate, but it doesn't stick. 

I've created a course that solves this problem, which will help you 
know what you want to do and do it