Terms and conditions


I'm going to try to make this term page readable, since you're actually taking the time to read it. 

  • Your information (name, email, credit card, etc.) is private. If you comment on the course or voluntarily share information, however, that's on you. 

  • Course calls are recorded. They will be shared with the group via email after each call. That said, you can ALWAYS ask me to pause recording if you have something private you want to explore on the call (small group Zoom calls only, not big group Crowdcast calls).

  • I'm not sharing your personal information with any third parties. I may email you on occasion, but it will always be easy to opt out with a click. But seriously, I don't spam email people and the course list is different than my normal mailing list, so it's only for major things.

  • The website/course platform - for The Big Shift - (probably?) stores cookies on your computer when you go through it.

  • There will be no hidden charges or additional fees for this course. 

  • All material in any of the courses is copyright. You may share bits of it with attribution, but please ask in advance. I'll almost always say "go for it!", I just want to know what's going on. :) 

  • Have something else you're curious about? Email me to ask! Eric@EricLanigan.com